As a product manager, you will constantly be thrown into the most interesting and challenging situations possible working with your team and stakeholders. It’s what makes the job fun and interesting, to begin with.

But this rollercoaster very often comes with a lot of pressure and giving in when you shouldn’t do so can make or break your product.

Just like muscle reflexes, I believe we also have mental reflexes. Training them to react properly means consistently doing my job better. 

To train these reflexes, I turned to more experienced product managers, designers, developers in search for principles that they follow or any hard learned lessons during their career.

Here is a list of the most relevant or useful that I have found and read so far. It is certainly not complete, nor is it the silver bullet. It’s for you to consider and to choose from or to discover/acknowledge your own:

Product Management:

Design, UX, Motion, Interaction:



If you know of resources that would fit well on this list, leave a comment below and I’ll check it out.