My friends over at Cozmos Labs recently released the second version of their Profile Builder plugin.  It basically supercharges your WordPress front end user registration and lets you receive extra and specific information from users that sign up.

That extra information can be invaluable for personalized content or services. I decided to try it out since I am thinking of organizing a business networking event for the local area.

Here is what I liked:

  • Besides the standard information fields, I can also ask for longer texts via a WYSIWYG editor, upload files and a user can select their country, time zone and user role.
  • I can activate different modules that help me create a better on-boarding process: multiple edit-profile forms, customizable user emails and custom redirects. I can also personalize all emails sent to either users or admins.
  • I can also take advantage of add-ons like “Numbers and Phone Validation” and “WooCommerce Sync”. The latter is really useful as you can merge physical and digital sales related to your business with the data that you already have.
  • I can add new fields as needed and create custom fields so existing users can submit the new information.

What I didn’t see yet si an integration with MailChimp but Cristian told me to have a bit of patience so we’ll see.

In the meantime, if you need more from your WordPress user registration form, give Profile Builder a try by downloading the Free version of the plugin.